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United Group - represents a group of companies under a single name offering comprehensive services providing sales and services to motorists. Our solutions are among the most effective.

During its more than 2 years of operation on the Slovak market, it has become a mature company with a stable position, which it maintains even in a demanding competitive environment.

All companies are concentrated under a single organizational structure with the aim of efficiency and process optimization:

- United Rental Group, sro   license
* Payless Car Rental - Car rental - car rental
* Payless Car Giga Rent - fixed 12-month unified rental of cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons
* Payless Van Rental Car rental - commercial vehicle rental up to 3.5 t
* Payless Premium Car Rental - Luxury Car (for a period of 1 day to 12 months)

- United Automotive Group, sro
  * Autogigant - retail seller of used cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons 
  * BTSL - logistics center and remarketing

Our basic goal is to achieve long-term partnerships with the customer. Constantly advance in meeting his needs and designing optimal solutions. To achieve this goal, we place emphasis on professionalism and high quality. It is the value and image of the brand that distinguishes products that are otherwise identical. The customer perceives it as a means of identifying the service, giving him the necessary information. The brand should emphasize certainty and trust.

United Rental Group, sro
 - Payless Car Rental license Slovakia (Car Rental)

The fact that our modern vehicle fleet is modern can also be seen on the vehicles. The uniqueness of our fleet is also that it is completely non-smoking.
Our fleet is managed through modern technologies in order to increase availability and shorten the car rental process.

Our fleet consists of:
-30% diesel
-65% petrol vehicles
-5% hybrid models.

When choosing vehicles for the fleet, we emphasize the following elements:
-environmental burden (CO2 emissions)

Reasons Why Payless Car Rental:

Car rental services are most often used for:
- short-term business trips
- in the event of an accident as a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is in service
- as a replacement vehicle if you are waiting for a new vehicle from production
- as an additional fleet management system, vehicles for the Office of Managers
- when new employees take up the position during the probationary period
- for the sole purpose of testing new products on the market

For corporate clients we offer:
-a network of Payless Car Rental cars, which are located throughout Slovakia and we can provide our services wherever and almost whenever our customer needs it
-prices that are unbeatable to any international car rental company
-5 star service and client care

United Automotive Group, sro

Under the name and brand is simply a synonym for complete service and logistics in the classification, decommissioning and sale and remarketing of used vehicles.

is divided into 4 divisions:
(1) UAG BTSL - Logistics Center   - taking over, handing over vehicles, vehicle repairs, vehicle storage, DI Police services.
(2) UAG AG - AutoGigant   - retail sale of used vehicles through a second-hand car shop.

(1) UAG BTSL - Logistics Center
We have a newly built logistics center, where it is fully secured:
-picking up and handing over vehicles according to auction standards
-rotocols for customers on downloaded vehicles
-evaluation of prices of vehicles for sale by auction
-parking vehicles in an insured guarded building, Bratislava, Žilina, B. Bystrica, Košice, (volume 1500 vehicles)
-cleaning the interior and exterior of vehicles after taking over from customers
-technical evaluation of vehicles before sale by a professional service
-logistics associated with the sale of vehicles (consideration from the whole territory of the Slovak Republic)
-repairs of crashed vehicles throughout Slovakia BA, BB, ZA, KE
-sales of sale and execution of payments and security for the seller by bank transfer
-services at the Traffic Inspectorate of the Police
-vote to other district cities
-removal from the register
-replacement license plates and car documents after their loss or theft
-processing of documents after theft of the vehicle itself
-registration of imported vehicles and related administration.

service where the client uses all the services of UAG by handing over the vehicle, from the delivery of the vehicle to the sale itself
The most frequently offered services for companies interested in transparently selling vehicles is the use of all UAG A and UAG LC services in combination with AG to achieve the desired result. Our goal is to sell in the optimal time horizon at the best available price possible on the market at the moment.

(3) UAG AG - AutoGigant - car bazaar is part of the United Automotive Group with its services. It focuses on direct sales to the end user with a complex of services.
The aim of opening a stone car bazaar is to get the highest possible offer for a vehicle on the market. The sales area with space for more than 300 vehicles in the center of the capital Bratislava means a commercial advantage when selling to the end customer.
The uniqueness of the exceptional offer lies in the sale of vehicles only from partners who purchased and operated vehicles in the Slovak Republic.

Since April 1, 2012, AutoGigant has been offering specially marked vehicles with the product name 5 ***** guarantee, which means that vehicles marked as such meet the highest standard of used vehicle sales:
-vehicle had 1 owner
-the vehicle was purchased in Slovakia
-Guaranteed kilometers by service book
-vehicle serviced by an authorized workshop
-offered with 12-month assistance mobility.

This offer is unique in Slovakia. It is based on a proven model abroad, where customers are looking for vehicles up to 1 year with a significant price reduction and at the same time with a factory warranty called "jahreswagen".

United Automotive Group, sro
Ivanská cesta 43,
SK-821 04, Bratislava, Slovak republic
http: www.unitedautomotive.sk
http: www.autogigant.sk

United Group
group headquarter
Ivanská cesta 43
SK-821 04 Bratislava, Slovak republic
Fax: + 421 2 4848 4505
Judita Sabolčíková, coordinator of the UG group
E - mail: asistent@unitedgroup.sk