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Here is our travelhack on how to save on car rentals

Traveling by car on holiday will be a trend this year's summer season. Why?

The situation in holiday destinations around the world is uneven in how a country manages to fight COVID-19. Therefore, travelers are reduced in the number of possibilities where they can travel without risk and restrictions. If we add to this the fact that ticket prices have risen significantly, aircraft have been anchored for more than a year, which does not add to their safety, then there are fewer and fewer alternatives.

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Holidays by individual transport

Radio experts, travel by car. It will be safer and safer. This is one of the reasons why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coming up with a proposal for a travel traffic light, which is intended to help holidaymakers find it easier to find out what measures will apply to holidaymakers when they return from this holiday destination.

Traditional holiday destinations such as Croatia and Italy are already preparing to tourist pressure. They vaccinate service workers, especially tourism workers.

Prices are rising

Due to the great interest in holidays in these destinations, the prices of services are rising sharply . We have tricks for you to save .

If you are going to travel to these holiday destinations, transport by car is the safest, safest and probably the most comfortable choice for you. You can adjust your travel schedule according to your own ideas and react flexibly to it if the situation in the holiday destination suddenly changes.

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Benefits of going with a rented car

If you do not have your own car, you can rent it from a professional car rental company . Experts advise to focus on those car rental companies that have a history, an ideal international name and new vehicles available. This minimizes the risk that the car rental company will charge you extra fees or that your car will break down and you will not receive the necessary assistance. If you book a car well in advance, you have the opportunity to save tens if not hundreds of euros . Don't forget to check out the great deals on car rental. One travelhack is also the possibility of a guarantee of the lowest price , if the car rental company offers them.

If you are going on holiday as a party , consider saving on fuel and going in one vehicle. For this purpose, we recommend choosing multi-seat vehicles , ideally 9-seater vehicles, which will offer you comfort with their spaciousness but also luggage storage space. In addition, you get the advantage that you will be able to take turns more behind the wheel and the black Peter does not fall in driving on only 1 driver.