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Choose the right commercial vehicle and the right product tailored exactly to your business

If your business involves the sale or transportation of goods, manufacturing, or related industries, it is highly likely that you use freight and commercial vehicles , also popularly called   supplies .

Today, there are many ways to secure your business   commercial vehicle , which offer different conditions with different vehicle availability and length of coupling. Orientation in such a large number of offers can be difficult without previous experience, so we will look at the key conditions that are for successful provision.   commercial vehicle   watch.

Selection of a suitable commercial vehicle

If we decide on procurement   commercial vehicle , the first question before us is what vehicle will be for ours   business   and the method of use most appropriate. In answering this question, we will have to take into account the appropriate size of the cargo space and load capacity, engine, external dimensions of the vehicle, but also its equipment.

Choose the appropriate size and load capacity of the delivery   is relatively simple. The basic attribute when deciding is the volume and weight of the transported goods. The vehicle   Renault Master L2H2   which you will find in our offer offers you the volume of storage space   12m3   with length   3.1m   and load capacity   1350kg .

When choosing a suitable motorization, it is good to think about how long the routes with this vehicle will be driven. It is ideal to choose   modern unit   meeting even the strictest emission limits. The pace at which areas with restrictions based on emission limits are increasing is still rising and it can be assumed that Slovakia will not be an exception in this trend. To get after the introduction of such measures e.g. to the city center may be associated with a charge, the amount of which will depend on the emission standard that the vehicle meets. if it will be   the goods   necessary   to transport   on the   longer distances , maintaining a highway pace with a fully loaded vehicle can be challenging. Therefore, it is important that the drive unit provides power to the farm   and let us not forget the economic side of things - low consumption.   Renault Master   with engine   2.3 dCi   from our offer provides performance   135 horsepower , which this light vehicle can keep pace even fully loaded, but at the same time meets the strictest   EURO6 emission standard . About how we take care of reducing the load when choosing vehicles for our fleet   CO2 emissions   you read   HERE.

When choosing a vehicle, it is good to take into account whether the height or length of the vehicle will limit the e.g. at the entrance to the garage, or whether we have enough space for parking. The length of the vehicle we offer is only 5575mm and the height 2499mm. It is therefore an ideal compromise between the internal and external dimensions.

Although it may come as a surprise at first glance,   equipment   should be in the selection   commercial vehicle   one of the decisive factors. It directly affects   efficiency   use   work vehicle   and working time. In Payless Car rental   you will find   Renault Master   in the highest equipment   Cool , which means you have a vehicle equipped with features like   bluetooth ,   navigation ,   mirroring   mobile   phone or   steering wheel controls that greatly affect   safety , but also the performance of the driver while driving, as thanks to such conveniences today you can be in full contact with the world while driving, without any threat to yourself or other road users. In terms of comfort, the vehicle will offer you   air conditioning ,   tmepomat ,   reversing   sensors   with a camera   and last but not least, 105 liters of storage space in the cabin.

You can learn more about the vehicle in the article:   RENTAL OF A COMMERCIAL VEHICLE FAST, EASY AND CONVENIENT

Buy or rent a van?

Ways like   to import   commercial vehicle   there are several to choose from. Buying a vehicle is still a frequent choice for entrepreneurs, who, under the illusion of control of property, make huge initial investments in the procurement of a vehicle in the order of tens of thousands of euros, often associated with the difficulty of obtaining financing. In addition, owning a vehicle in its own possession is also disadvantageous because, as the age of the vehicle gradually increases, its value decreases, the residual price of the vehicle decreases, but its operating costs increase. It should also be borne in mind that, in the current pandemic situation, dealers' stocks have run out and vehicles ordered for production are waiting for several months. In contrast   rental benefits   are unambiguous. Whatever you decide to choose   short - term lease   , or one of the forms   long-term lease ,   availability   the vehicle of your choice should be, so to speak, immediate.

This will avoid months of waiting, when you still have to handle the transport of goods in an alternative way. If you do not own the vehicle, you are exempt from the amount of administration and costs associated with registration, deregistration of the vehicle, warranty service, in the case of an older vehicle and technical and emission inspections, or seasonal relocation of the vehicle. And don't forget about the costs associated with insurance. It all ends once, and the moment you decide to replace your vehicle, another carousel of administration and worries about the sale of the vehicle begins.

If you use vehicles seasonally,   the advantage of renting   is also that you use vehicles only if you really need them, or you can operationally increase or decrease your   car park   according to your needs.

How to do it?

When set correctly   rent   through a reliable partner can be a monthly rate for   rent   comparable to the amount of the monthly lease payment for the same vehicle, including all the above-mentioned costs and the initial investment in the case of a lease is at the level of a repayable deposit for   rented vehicle .   Commercial vehicle   this makes it much more affordable than you might have expected. When renting from   Payless Car   rental   you get in the rental price, among other things   PZP ,   accident insurance ,   theft insurance ,   tolls within the territory of the Slovak Republic ,   vehicle registration ,   seasonal change ,   warranty services , but also   24-hour assistance   throughout the EU in the event of an accident. You get that way   comprehensive package of services   summarized in one installment, which provides an overview of your company's fleet management costs.   Offered vehicles   are new and still under warranty. You can be sure that you will not have unpleasant surprises on the way and every item will be transported on time.

Payless Car rental Slovakia   offers several products that copy the needs of our clients and provide sufficient flexibility for your business:

Short-term rental   with a length of 24 hours to 30 days is a clear choice if you use   commercial vehicle   for a short time, albeit repeatedly, or if you need to replace an outage in your   fleet , or if it is not possible to determine in advance how long you will be   use the vehicle .


  • Vehicles are available immediately
  • Low deposit for renting a car
  • The length of the lease can be adjusted operatively as needed
  • Possibility to choose a more cost-effective variant of driving km according to your current needs and thus optimize rental costs

You can see the current offer of vehicles   TU .

Monthly rent   offers you the maximum possible degree of flexibility while getting all the benefits of long-term rental with the possibility of operational extension. You can choose from two entry limits, namely   2 500   a   3 500   kilometers .   Monthly rent   will provide you with security   vehicle availability   even within a few months without having to commit to a longer period.


  • Vehicles are available immediately
  • You can adjust the length of the lease according to your own needs without the necessary commitment
  • It is not necessary to prove creditworthiness, just make a deposit and the vehicle is at your disposal
  • Possibility to choose a more cost-effective variant of driving km according to your current needs

You can see the current offer of vehicles   TU .

Payless Car 12-month rental   is an ideal alternative to operating leases, from which companies are often discouraged by too long commitment periods. It is also an alternative to buying the vehicle itself. It is about   Flexible   way   ensuring mobility   and a modern solution tool   fleet   in your company.

Advantages :

  • Favorably set conditions in favor of the customer
  • Flexibility
  • All costs associated with the operation of the vehicle are included in the monthly payment, you only take care of refueling and operating fluids
  • Relieving the customer of all obligations related to the operation of the vehicle during the period of its ownership

Learn more about the offer   TU .