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We have launched extensive disinfection of vehicles and premises

Car rental Payless Car Slovakia has launched an extensive program of vehicle disinfection. We respond to current events in connection with the spread of coronavirus and take appropriate preventive measures

Key points of the report:

  • Payless Car Slovakia not only cleans, but also disinfects all its vehicles.
  • Employees have taken strict safety measures to eliminate the spread of viral diseases.
  • More thorough cleaning and disinfection also applies to work areas.
  • Car rental customers can thus be quite sure of the safety of their vehicles.

As part of its overall strategy of continuous service improvement, Payless Car Slovakia has taken new security measures. So far, all cars on offer at the car rental company have been regularly and thoroughly cleaned inside and out, and this program has been extended to include full disinfection.

Vehicle disinfection includes cleaning with a safe chlorine solution and antibacterial products of all parts with which the customer comes into physical contact when using the vehicle; these are all handles, steering wheel, gear lever, car radio, touch surfaces in the interior, but also sun visors. At the same time, the traditional program of comprehensive car care cleaning is maintained.

The cars are thoroughly disinfected before each delivery to the customer, ie before each rental. The disinfection itself is also carried out under strict safety measures.

In addition to the above, car rental companies have taken extensive security measures to protect the workers themselves, including those who are not in direct contact with customers. Upon starting work, each employee is subjected to body temperature control, followed by hand disinfection. In addition, employees working at branches carry out their work in hygienic gloves and with a veil on their face. In addition, car rental areas, including offices, are cleaned and disinfected every morning.

Car rental and car rental premises from   Payless Car   thus meeting the highest hygiene criteria for safety and vehicle turnover does not pose a threat of further spread of the virus.

The next step in an innovative strategy

At the same time, Payless Car Slovakia has only recently made a public commitment to take measures to reduce the environmental impact of the vehicle fleet on the environment, despite the absence of legislation. These measures include voluntary tightening of emission standards for their fleet. The target for 2020 is to achieve an average level of emissions of 105 g CO2 / km and to reach the prescribed European target of 95 g CO2 / km in 2021.

"We believe that this step of reducing the country's emissions will be perceived by customers as innovative and that our low-emission vehicles will be all the more desirable to customers - and, thanks to their nature, even more attractive ," says Vladimir Orth, CEO of Payless Car.