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Payless Car 12-month rental is the answer to the question of how to quickly and most conveniently procure a commercial vehicle. And if Renault Master is on offer, this is a combination that should not escape your attention.

With the Payless Car 12-month rental program, you can get a Renault Master L3H2 commercial vehicle rental in top equipment with a short service period of only 12 months. The vehicle's equipment is configured to make everyday life with a commercial vehicle easier, to make the time spent on the road more efficient and, last but not least, to increase your safety.

Why is the Renault Master L3H2 a great van that fits every business?

Volume and load capacity
The size of the L3H2 provides plenty of usable space, at the same time the vehicle in this size is also suitable for a beginner who has not yet driven the van. It provides clients with 13m³ of cargo space with a length of 3.7m and a reinforced floor, so even the transport of a large load with a load of 1300kg is not a problem for this vehicle.

Engine and consumption
The Payless Car is offered by the Renault Master with a 2.3-liter dCi engine, which has an output of 135 hp and with an average consumption of 6.9 l / 100 km, it perfectly combines economy and sufficient power, which you will appreciate when the vehicle is fully loaded.

Cargo handling
The cargo space is equipped with strength eyes for secure anchoring of the load. It is important that the load does not move while driving. This prevents unnecessary damage that can be caused, for example, by heavy braking in a crisis situation. Auxiliary handles, LED lighting of the cargo area, opening the rear door at an angle of 270 ° and one of the lowest loading thresholds on the market will also make working with the load easier.

In addition to equipment elements such as bluetooth, air conditioning, cruise control or USB connection, you will get a commercial vehicle configured so that you will always enjoy the wheel. Thanks to the multimedia and navigation system with a 7 "touch screen, you will be surrounded by information while driving, and you can make phone calls or play music directly from the phone while driving by connecting a mobile phone.
The working day will be made more pleasant and easier by a pull-out laptop table, which will also serve as a decent meal, an air-conditioned large-volume drawer and a total of 105 l of storage space in the vehicle's cabin. Renault Master thus literally becomes a mobile office. And to make the vehicle really easy and safe, the Renault Master Payless Car offers you a reversing camera and parking sensors at the front and rear. Therefore, even if you are not an experienced van driver, you can rent such a vehicle without worrying about a collision.

For whom is renting through the Payless Car program a 12-month rental suitable:

  • It is a suitable choice for sole traders and companies of any size
  • An ideal alternative to operational leasing, from which people are often discouraged by too long periods of commitment.
  • An alternative to buying the vehicle itself, as you do not need that much cash to start driving and you can drive immediately
  • A flexible way to ensure mobility and a modern tool for fleet solutions in your company

Main benefits of the 12-month Payless Car program:

  • Favorably set conditions in favor of the customer
  • Flexibility
  • All costs associated with the operation of the vehicle are included in the monthly payment, you only take care of refueling and operating fluids
  • Relieving the customer of all obligations related to the operation of the vehicle during the period of its ownership

The rent includes the following services:

  • purchase and registration of a vehicle
  • vehicle financing
  • vehicle degradation
  • highway stamp valid for SR
  • UGS insurance
  • HP insurance
  • factory-specified warranty operations
  • year-round tire fitting and storage
  • assistance services
  • check-out of the vehicle at the end of the lease
  • annual mileage limit