VANS FOR RENT - With excellent equipment at special prices.

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With excellent equipment at special prices.

Car rental Payless Car has included Renault Master's favorite vans in its offer, you can rent them for as little as € 23 without VAT per day.


  • Payless Car is a Slovak leader in the affordability of car rental;
  • The Renault Master is a three-seater with a load capacity of up to 13 m³;
  • supplies can also be driven with a Type B license;
  • Commercial vehicle rental is now used by companies, but also by private individuals.

40 years of reliability


Did you know that Renault Master has been produced for an unbelievable 40 years? The first generation came out in 1980. For a long time, the manufacturer has benefited truly: he has turned Master into a top-of-the-range delivery, with the current fourth generation aspiring to become one of the market leaders in technology.


However, the third generation will not be forgotten, on the contrary - it is synonymous with reliability, functionality and the truck itself, its positive side will keep it as a favorite for years.


Renault Master in Payless car rental

With the introduction of this most popular commercial version of the Renault Master Van, Payless Car has been available not only to businesses but also to private individuals - all of them need to take more goods from time to time, move an apartment or make a major renovation in the garden.


Clearly the biggest advantage of these trucks is the ability to drive them with a category B driving license, a three-seater design and also a very low diesel consumption, only 7.6-8.0 liters per hundred kilometers. This means that the rental price will not increase disproportionately due to high consumption.


Significant detail is the rear door opening up to 270 degrees.






Dimensions (h × d)

Carrying capacity

Cargo space

Driving licence

Renault Master Van L3H2

Diesel, 130 HP, 
7.6-8.0 l / 100 km


1,900 × 3,670 mm

1300 kg

13 m³

Type B (up to 3.5 t)

Table: Renault Master in Payless Car - Specifications


The best rental van Renault Master


Payless Car is a leader in affordable rentals, so the car rental price is unbeatable. With an at least eight-day rental with a generous 300-km range, you can get a Renault Master for as little as € 23 without VAT per day, including a full range of services.


Long-term rental price is even more interesting: for a 30-day rental period, you will pay only € 499 (€ 16.63 per day) or € 569 (€ 18.90 per day), excluding VAT, for increased ramps up to 3,500 kilometers.


This offer is hard to overcome, making it easy for anyone interested in renting a van to choose the right car rental company: Payless Car.


Renault Master in Payless car rental

Despite the low rental price, the Renault Master of Payless Car is well equipped. Includes manual air conditioning,   color multimedia display with navigation , Bluetooth for smartphone connection,   rear parking sensors   as well as cruise control to maintain speed and save diesel consumption. In addition, power windows, power steering, alarm, central locking and driver and front passenger airbags are added.


The price also automatically includes the electronic toll sticker, seasonal driving and assistance in the event of an accident or other road problems.


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