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We will advise you on how to choose the right car rental

Did you know that car rental is gaining more and more popularity nowadays? Many people are looking for a flexible, efficient and affordable alternative to buying a car. High demand results in a significant increase in supply. At present, you will find a wide range of car rentals on the Slovak market with seemingly advantageous offers for car rental. How not to get lost in so much information and how to choose the right car rental? We have put together important criteria for you that need to be considered when choosing a car rental company.

International brand with many years of experience and know-how

If you are at the very beginning and you have no experience with renting a vehicle , we recommend that you take into account the reputation of the rental company, resp. reach for verified quality . A car rental company with which customers have a good experience will probably not disappoint you. If you don't know anyone in your area who can give you advice, just look on the internet and try a little research. Social networks, as well as the Internet browser itself, today offer us the opportunity to form our own opinion on the success of the company like never before.

Operating in the market is also a significant factor - car rental, which has years of experience knows exactly what the customer needs and can tailor the offer of services exactly to measure and, if necessary, change it as the customer requires.

Behind the international brand Payless Car Rental is decades of experience in building the company's know-how and methodology of vehicle care as well as measuring customer satisfaction . From the very beginning, the company offered some of the most cost-effective leases on the American market. The affordability of renting above-standard equipped cars has remained one of the main priorities to this day. Although the Slovak branch is still a novelty in our market, it strictly takes over competitive company experience both in the care of vehicles and customers, and for 2021 it has big plans set on the Slovak market.

Choosing a vehicle - what to consider and what to look out for

The next necessary step is, of course, the choice of the vehicle itself. It depends on several factors. Whether you are looking for a car for personal or business purposes , a professional car rental company can help you find the right solution. Whether you need a second car for the family for a limited time, you are waiting for a new car to be delivered, or you have a time-limited project or an important order requiring mobility, you will definitely find yours. Are you interested in a specific make, size and equipment of the vehicle? Do you prefer electricity, gas, diesel or petrol? We believe that many of you drivers know the answers to most questions before making a decision. And for those of you who can't decide, there is a simple solution. Nowadays, you don't have to leave the comfort of home and go for advice directly on the operation of a car rental company. Many companies have their offer of vehicles detailed on their website. Visit the digital fleet Payless Car Rental, choose your favorite, choose the date and place of collection and you can go driving.

Rental price

The last important criterion when choosing the right car rental is the price offer. Payless Car Rental offers a real guarantee of the lowest price . You're talking, but sure, they promised me that elsewhere. Payless Car Rental really believes that it is a unit in the market in terms of price and quality and therefore commits itself at the lowest price . If you get a lower price in another car rental company than on our website, simply send us a price offer from a competitor and we will contact you immediately. In addition, not only will we equalize the competitive price, you will receive a rental day from us as a bonus .