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Renault Clio in the Payless Car offer

Renault Clio je jeden z najvýznamnejších modelov áut v autopožičovni Payless Car. Predstavuje ideálny kompromis medzi praktickým potenciálom, veľkosťou, úspornosťou, pričom bezpečnosť a technologická výbava sú na veľmi vysokej úrovni. 

  • Renault Clio je v Payless Car na prenájom už od 13 €/deň;
  • kombi verzia Clio Grandtour je v Payless Car na prenájom už od 15 €/deň;
  • spotreba benzínového motora je iba 4,7 l/100 km;
  • všetky vozidlá Clio v Payless Car sú skvele vybavené, s FULL LED svetlometmi, navigáciou, Bluetooth, asistenčnými systémami, tempomatom či klimatizáciou;
  • v cene sú všetky asistenčné služby, servis i diaľničná známka.

Renault Clio is one of the most typical vehicles of our roads. It has been popular with millions of people and it is no wonder - because this compact model has always been able to squeeze the best of the automotive industry, from design through technology to safety, into a relatively small body.

Clio has been in production for thirty years, the first generation was released in 1990 and immediately after the show it was a success not only among customers but also experts - Clio immediately became a car of the year 1990.

Today we are getting to know his brand new fifth generation, which has also become popular in the offer of Payless Car. The novelty grew in every way to the final 4,050 x 1,988 x 1,440 mm, but the car still maintained its   nature,   dexterity   i very   attractive price tag .

Reanult CLIO 2020 v Payless Car Rental

The luggage compartment is 391 liters in size and, after folding down the rear seats, a very solid 1,069 liters. With this data, the new Clio is also slowly catching up on high-class hatchbacks.

And not only the interior space is interesting, the new Clio was very surprised by its   excellent safety . It was very unusual that the crash and safety tests had been completed before the product was put on sale. They simply were convinced of the safety of the new Clio in Renault and were successful in EuroNCAP   with the maximum possible five-star rating . This is due not only to the sophisticated bodywork and deformation zones, but also to the on-board technology. Safety assistants, an emergency call system, a variety of airbags, features to prevent minor and major accidents are all included.

Reanult CLIO 2020 v Payless Car Rental

What does Renault Clio look like from a car rental company?

If you opt for Renault Clio from Payless Car, you will get a well-equipped version of the car with a modern fuel-efficient engine and manual transmission.

Reanult CLIO 2020 v Payless Car Rental

Our Renault Clio vehicles include the following:

  • Full LED headlights;
  • GPS navigation displayed on 7-inch touch screen;
  • cruise control;
  • Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music playback from mobile;
  • air conditioning;
  • lane departure warning system;
  • automatic emergency braking safety functions;
  • parking sensors;
  • cruise control and much more.

Rental prices

At Payless Car, the longer the rental period, the better the price for a daily rental is. When rented for at least eight days we get the price of only 13 € per day, which is an unrivaled offer on the Slovak market. However, if you decide only before a one-day rental, the price is still excellent: only € 21 per day and for two days only € 17 per day.

1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7   days 8 or more days
21 € 34 € 47 € 63  76  82  93  13 € per day

Complete price list can be found here

It is important to recall that the price also includes items such as compulsory insurance, accident insurance, regular maintenance, seasonal overhaul, as well as a toll road for Slovak toll roads.