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With PAYLESSCAR you are always safe on the road. 
Don't know who to call in the event of an accident or fault? Don't know how to proceed if the vehicle is damaged? 
In this article, you will learn the most important information on how to proceed in such situations.

1. Defects in the vehicle and assistance from the vehicle manufacturer 
In the event of a defect in the vehicle, which is under warranty, it is necessary to visit or contact only the authorized service of the car manufacturer. 
If the vehicle is not mobile, it is necessary to contact the specific assistance service of the car manufacturer. 
Telephone numbers can be found right here: Volkswagen Mobility Guarantee , Peugeot Assistance , Renault Assistance ,   emergency service Mercedes-Benz , Toyota Eurocare , Škoda Assistance ,   KIA Assistance ,   BMW fault management ,   NISSAN ASSISTANCE. 

2. Accidents, damage and reporting of insurance claims 
In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, it is necessary to immediately notify the Lessor, but especially the relevant insurance company in accordance with the applicable insurance on the rented vehicle. 

- If you are not the culprit of the accident it is necessary to report the insured event from the accident insurance, while the culprit is obliged to report the insured event from his compulsory contractual insurance. 
- If you are the culprit of the accident, it is necessary to report the insured event from both insurers under your direction. 
- If the culprit is unknown, it is necessary to report the insured event from the accident insurance. 

In cases a) and b), it is necessary to fully record and mutually sign an accident report with the other party involved, which must be attached to the reporting of the insured event. 

In addition to the insurance company, it is necessary to report any defect, damage or insurance event to the landlord immediately and send photos, accident report and all requisites to email fleet@paylesscar.sk . 

An insured event can be reported in the following ways: 
a) Via the insurance company's website at the following links: 
i) Allianz online claim reporting 
ii) Allianz online insurance event reporting - accident insurance 
iii) Allianz online insurance event reporting - compulsory contractual insurance 
b) By phone at +421 2 50 122 222, option no. 2. The completed accident report must then be sent to doklady@allianz.sk . 
c) or in person at any of the branches of Allianz .

If your vehicle is not mobile due to damage during the insurance event, contact Allianz Assistance only . 
Repair of the vehicle is possible only in the contracted service centers of the company PAYLESS.
In the event of damage to the windscreen, proceed as in point 2.a). The contractual service authorized to repair or replace the windshield is Hornet Autosklo . 

3. Warranty service inspection of the vehicle

During the rental, it is also your duty to participate in the warranty service inspection of the vehicle given by the vehicle manufacturer properly and on time. 
In the event of non-fulfillment of this obligation, you risk sanctions in accordance with the contract for the lease of a means of transport or the price list. 
You can carry out the obligatory service inspection of the vehicle exclusively in the following service centers: 

- Peugeot vehicles - FINAL CD Peugeot . 
- Škoda Superb vehicles - Škoda Auto Authorized Service . 
- Vehicles driving in and around Bratislava (except those mentioned above) - SPIRIT CAR s.r.o.
- Vehicles driving in the rest of the Slovak Republic (except those mentioned above) - Best Drive or Bosch car Service . 

4. Tyre changing

To change the tires, if you have seasonal tires on the vehicle, you, like any tenant, will be notified by e-mail with instructions on how to proceed with the change of the vehicle.
The vehicle tyres can be changed in the following services:

1. Bratislava,   SPIRIT CAR s.r.o.
2. Bratislava,   PNEUSYSTEM 
3. Trenčín,   Profityres 
4. Banská Bystrica,   STECH 

In addition to the above services, the vehicle can also be taken over at any service in the network   PNEUSYSTEM , but this service is charged a one-time fee of € 45 excluding VAT.

In case of any ambiguities before, during or after the rental, do not hesitate to contact our call center on phone no.   00421 2 2086 2620   or to info@paylesscar.sk .