Car rental conditions

Pick-up date
08 00 change by select
Drop-off date
08 00 change by select

Minimum driver age and driver's license:

25 years for all vehicle groups.
If the required age for an individual category is not met, the tenant can apply for an exemption for a fee.


A reservation can only be confirmed for a vehicle group.
If you do not pick up the vehicle on the day of the reservation, you will be charged a fee for not picking up the vehicle in the amount of 50% of the total rental price of the reservation.
Early cancellation of the reservation is subject to a fee of 30% of the total rental price of the reservation.

Terms of payment:

Credit or debit cards Visa, EC/MC, Diners Club Card.
We block the deposit for the rental of each vehicle on the card. The amount of the deposit varies and depends on the vehicle category. For more information, contact the branch.
We only accept payment cards in their physical form (the use of Apple PAY, G-PAY and others is not possible).
When taking over the vehicle, it is necessary to present a payment card valid for at least 6 months after the end of the rental.

Prices / Billing:

The daily rate means 24 hours from the time of the loan. An additional daily rate is charged for exceeding the rental by more than 59 minutes.
The weekend rate starts on Friday and ends on Monday, lasts 3 days (max. 72 hours) and the vehicle must be returned to the branch where it was rented. The weekend rate can only be combined with a rate that includes a limited number of kilometers.
The prices include mandatory contractual liability insurance (PZP) for damages caused by the operation of a motor vehicle up to EUR 5 million, oil and other fillings, but do not include fuel.
Refueling: Payless rents vehicles with a full tank. A fee is charged for missing fuel when returning the vehicle. This fee also takes into account the company's handling costs for refueling.
Airport tax: In the case of a rental starting at the airport, an airport tax is charged: 20% of the rental price.
Winter maintenance: In the winter season (1.10.-31.3.) a fee is charged for winter maintenance (winter tires).
All fees and fines are listed in price list of fees.

Services outside opening hours:

Our services are available outside of branch opening hours fee.

Another driver:

Other drivers of the vehicle must be reported to Payless. A one-time charge is made fee.

Car accessories:

Winter chains and child seats are available on request fee.

Travel abroad:

Entry is allowed to EFTA countries (Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland),   United Kingdom and the European Union, with the exception of Bulgaria and Romania. Entry to Bulgaria and Romania is expressly prohibited. The expressly prohibited countries include, among others, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Vehicles only have a Slovak highway stamp, all other highway fees must be paid for by the client.


Accident insurance / CDW, TP/. Personal insurance /PAI/ accident insurance can be taken out for a fee at the relevant insurance company.
Payless offers a partial coverage plan for damages caused by vehicle damage, loss or theft.
In the event of the use of drugs, alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating substances, the client is fully responsible for damage to the vehicle even if the insurance is paid. Any deduction from the insurance company resulting from damage to the vehicle is automatically transferred to the lessee. If the lessee leaves documents, keys or other important documents in the vehicle, he is fully responsible for their loss to the lessor.


The customer is responsible for all fees related to the operation of the vehicle during the rental period (fines for traffic violations, parking fees, fees for using tolled road sections...).
Rental period / territorial validity:
• The tenant is obliged to report any extension of the lease at least 24 hours before the agreed termination of the lease. The extension must be carried out in person on behalf of the lessor and the lessee must receive written permission for such an extension, with the fact that with the extension he is obliged to pay the rent in full to the lessor. Any failure to extend the deadline will be considered unauthorized use of a foreign vehicle with all consequences.

Additional conditions for Van Rental vehicle groups:

Vehicle overload:
Vehicles in categories M, N are N1 vehicles, i.e. their total weight must not exceed: for category M 3000 kg, which means that the load weight must not exceed 1080 kg. For categories N, the permitted weight is 3500 kg, which means that the load must not exceed 1365 kg. In the event that the vehicle is overloaded, the client has thus violated the terms of Payless and must pay a contractual fine of EUR 3,000, plus a claim for damages.

More details:

Payless is not responsible for the client's property and things left in the car.
Refund of VAT is not possible.
Payless reserves the right to change the rental terms.
The price of the vehicle rental does not include fillings and liquids that must be topped up during the use of the vehicle:
- water for the washers
- water to the radiator/coolant
- engine oil
- adblue

Every vehicle is checked by a technician before the start of the rental, the fillings are replenished.

Important Notice:

In the case of a lease for business entities, the client has the option of deducting VAT.
Payless reserves the right to make changes.