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You should have a clear answer to this question when choosing a commercial vehicle.

If you have decided to include a commercial vehicle in your company's fleet, you are faced with the crucial question of how to procure it quickly, easily and cost-effectively, with the choice usually narrowing down to two options: purchase, or   rent .

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Buying a commercial vehicle is still a common choice. But is it good?

Even today, we still meet with the opinion that buying a vehicle is the only right one   possibility how to procure the delivery . Under the illusion of control over property, it is still a frequent choice for many entrepreneurs and companies. However, owning a van is associated with a number of disadvantages that you should consider before making a purchase.

Significant initial investments in the order of tens of thousands of euros must be made into the procurement of a vehicle in this way. It is often necessary to use various financial products for this purpose, which still lead to lengthy and demanding financing. In addition, possession in one's own property is also disadvantageous because its value decreases with the gradually increasing age of the vehicle. At the same time, operating costs continue to rise with age. When deciding, it is also necessary to consider the fact that in the current pandemic situation, the stock of dealers has sold out, so when ordering a new vehicle, it will be necessary to wait for its production for several months.

Choosing the right car rental company and setting the rental conditions will simplify your business

Choosing the right rental commercial vehicle should cover all your needs, but it should also be cost-effective. In Payless Car   we offer car rental products, which can be divided into three basic categories

Payless Car Rental   - is a   rental with a length from one day to one month . It is suitable for sporadic use of these services, often associated with higher mileage.

Payless Car Rental   - It is   for rent with a length of one to twelve months   without commitment. Its advantage is a lower rate per day of rental and at the same time considerable flexibility of the product. Depending on the client's needs, it is possible to change the individual rental parameters to cover the client's needs as much as possible.

Long term rental   (Payless GigaRent)   -   rental for 12 months or more , will provide you with the full comfort of permanent vehicle availability with a complete fleet service and an affordable price.

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What are the advantages of renting a commercial car over buying?

It is advisable to choose a product that will suit your   intensity of commercial vehicle use . Whatever type of rental you decide on, the availability of the vehicle of your choice should be, so to speak, immediate so that you can   start using the delivery immediately . Right now   immediate availability   is one of the main benefits of renting, so you avoid months of waiting when you have to   transportation of goods   addressed in an alternative way.

If you do not own a vehicle, you are exempt from a number of administrative duties and costs. Actions such as registration and deregistration of the vehicle, warranty service inspections, insurance, in the case of an older vehicle also technical and emission inspections, or seasonal removals, are all time-consuming and costly tasks that you cannot avoid if you hold the vehicle, but by renting through a reliable partner such as   Payless Car Slovakia   you get all these fleet services at the rental price.

Use the supplies seasonally and save

A specific type of use of car rental services are   seasonal rentals . If necessary, it is very easy to increase your fleet by one or more vehicles for the required period in this way. Lots of companies   uses deliveries only seasonally , for a few months a year, or needs to increase its current fleet for the bridging period, e.g. due to the opening of a new plant. In such a case, it does not make sense to consider buying and bearing the cost of vehicles, even if they are not used. Whether your activity is focused on the sale of seasonal goods or courier services,   By renting a vehicle you can easily increase your fleet   without unnecessary commitments. The length of the lease itself can be operatively changed exactly according to your current needs. You only pay for the vehicles if you actually use them.

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