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Drop-off date
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FEE NAME The amount of the fee without VAT
Special driving license 30.00 €
Driving license, notarial authorization 60.00 €
Fee for younger driver / day of rental (specific minimum age limits for the categories are indicated in the rental conditions) 20.00 €
Younger driver fee / full rental for more than 7 days (the minimum rental age for the categories is specified in the rental conditions) 50.00 €
Additional driver per day of rental 12.00 €
Another driver for the whole rental for more than 7 days 50.00 €
Airport fee 20%
Child seat per day rental 12.00 €
Child seat for the whole rental of more than 7 days 50.00 €
Winter maintenance for the whole rental 5.00 €
Winter chains for the whole rental 20.00 €
Return of the car outside the opening hours of the Hotel BA / BTS Airport branch - key box 20.00 €
Fee for equipping eco plaque 50.00 €
Fee for eco plaque per day 5.00 €
Fee for eco plaque per rental longer than 7 days 33.00 €
Exceeding the maximum km included for month over 10 000 km (charge for every extra 10 000km) 1 000.00 €
Handover / takeover of the vehicle outside the aperture hours (06:00 - 21:00) 50.00 €
Handover / takeover of the vehicle outside the aperture hours (21:00 - 06:00) 120.00 €
Refueling after lease, refueling coefficient 2.50 €
Refueling fee 25.00 €
Prepaid fuel 20.00 €
Change of booking parameters (except for extension) 15.00 €
Vehicle type guarantee fee 15.00 €
SpeedPass 15.00 €
Roadside Assistance for a rental period of 1 - 6 days 7.00 €
Roadside Assistance for 7 days or more 40.00 €
Roadside Assistance for a rental period of 30 days or more 45.00 €
Fee for handing over the wrong parking place at Bratislava Airport branch (incorrect parking place is different from the one designated by the Lessor) 165.00 €
Cancelation of booking 10.00 €
Fee for handing over a car at another Bratislava branch (subject to Lessor's consent) 30.00 €
No show fee 65.00 €
Administrative fee for damage processing 75.00 €
Not paying for damage at the branch 30.00 €
Failure to provide the accident report to the Lessor within 24 hours of the end of the lease 500.00 €
Permission to tavel to country where quarantine is established due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) 2 500.00 €
Failure to collect prepaid reservation 50% of prepaid amount
Cancellation of prepaid reservation 30% of prepaid amount


Form and character of damage Quantification of damage
Scratch on painted area up to 5 cm 0.00 €
Small chippings on front side of the vehicle without deformation (except windscreen) 0.00 €
Deformation without damage of painting up to size of 1€ coin 0.00 €
Damage of an alloy disc/hubcap up to 1 cm 0.00 €
A hole in padding of storage area in commercial vehicles - up to size of 1€ coin 0.00 €
Door edge damage, size S and M 0.00 €
Scratches behind door handle 0.00 €
Scratch over 5 cm 250.00 €
Deformation bigger than 1€ coin 250.00 €
Loss / Damage of hubcap 70.00 € - 250.00 €
Damage of a disc: Golf, Octavia, Superb, 308, Captur, Clio, Ceed 250.00 €
Damage of silver part of front/rear bumper: Captur 250.00 €
Damage of plastic molding: Master, Sprinter, Trafic 250.00 €
Damage of plastic molding above the fender 250.00 €
Damage of padding in storage area: Master, Sprinter 250.00 €
Damage of wooden floor: Master, Sprinter 250.00 €
Damage of inner fender: Master, Sprinter 250.00 €
Damage on rear view mirror or door handle 250.00 €
Fueling the wrong fuel in the vehicle 250.00 € + additional costs
Large damage (size L) responsibility
Damage to several parts if they occurred within the same insurance event responsibility
Damage to the windscreen responsibility
Ruptured part responsibility
Damage of a disc: C-HR, Qashqai, 3008, 5008 responsibility
Bumper damage - commercial vehicles responsibility

Any damage to the interior is not covered by the agreed insurance. In the event of damage to the interior of the vehicle, the lessee responsible for the damage incurred is actually compensated for the amount of the price of the work and service. damages. Fees or any estimates of the quantification of damages are sent to the customer after the proper lease termination, no later than 10 working days. Exceptions are non-driving vehicles after a traffic accident, which will be taken to service immediately.

The list of the most common vehicle damage is not final and Payless reserves the right to change the rates listed. These rates represent the financial value to be spent to eliminate the damage that has been caused to the vehicle. At the same time, the above rates also represent a financial loss on the value of the vehicle caused by the particular damage / deterioration to which Payless is entitled even if the damage / deterioration on the vehicle is not repaired. Payless reserves the right to repair the vehicle within a period that will reduce the repair interval as effectively as possible so that the vehicle is taken out of service as quickly as possible. The customer has the right to request repair of the vehicle immediately after the damage has been quantified. In this case, the customer is charged a fixed fee of 70% of the normal rental value over the entire service interval and the decommissioning of the vehicle due to repair of the damage.

VAT (20%) is not applicable for deductible or damages.


Fee name The amount of the fee without VAT
Penalties for a second reminder for invoice after the due date 40.00 €
Failure to comply with the manufacturer´s warranty service interval (over 1 000 km or more) 500.00 €
Failure to comply with the manufacturer´s warranty service interval (over 10 000 km or more) residual value of the vehicle
Not responding to the 3rd call for tire change after 14 days of the 3rd call the value of a new set of tires
Demurrage fee for vehicle repair without waiting (for claiming the right from insurance) 96.00 €
Administrative fee 30.00 €
Administrative fee for fine 30.00 €
Excessive dirtying of the exterior of the vehicle (in the case, that the vehicle cannot be checked when the vehicle is returned) 60.00 €
Failure to comply with the lessor´s appeal (failure to return the vehicle, failure to attend service, failure to document damages) 50.00 €
Failure to return a vehicle from a long-term rental 40.00 €
Missing agreed date of service 29.00 €
Failure to return a vehicle at the agreed date without the lessor´s approval 60.00 €
Vehicle withdrawal fee 450.00 €
Vehicle transport fee 50.00 € + 0.50 €/1 km + refueling coefficient fee
Use of the vehicle in conflict of the contract 500.00 €
Illegal activity committed with the vehicle 600.00 €
Violation of General Terms and Conditions 500.00 € + costs incurred by violating the general terms and conditions
Fee for maximum brake pad wear - vehicle Renault Master (thickness at 0 km is 7.2 mm, maximum wear is when the plate thickness drops below 3.5 mm) 350.00 €
Fee for excessive brake pad wear - vehicle Renault Master (tolerance 20% wear every 10,000 km, max. wear is at 40,000 km, when the thickness of the plate is 3.5mm, the fee is calculated aliquot according to the mileage and the decrease in the thickness of the plates) 0.00 – 350.00 €
Fee for maximum wear of front brake discs - vehicle Renault Master (blade edge is sharp) 250.00 €
Fee for maximum wear of rear brake discs - vehicle Renault Master (blade edge is sharp) 300.00 €
Failure to notify the Lessor of the occurrence of damage to the vehicle during the lease within 24 hours from the moment of its occurrence (for each damage assessed individually) 100.00 €
Visit to the Lessor's non-contractual service 250.00 € + difference in the price of work
Failure to report damage caused by the Lessor's vehicle to a third party 500.00 € + the amount of the indemnity reduction

Cleaning and loss

Fee name The amount of the fee without VAT
Dirtying of interior 250.00 €
Smoking in the vehicle 250.00 €
Replacement for loss of technical license of the vehicle 250.00 €
Replacement for loss and issue of a new vehicle key 250.00 €
Damage or loss of the license plate 250.00 €
Dirtying the child seat  18.00 €
Replacement for loss of green card 50.00 €
Replacement for loss of key tag 12.00 €
Replacement for loss of mandatory vehicle equipment 25.00 €
Replacement for loss of vehicle tools 60.00 €
Replacement for loss of winter equipment 12.00 €
Excessive dirtying of loading area - commercial vehicle 100.00 €

Fees for refrigerated vehicles

Damage of electric cable - power supply connections 200.00 €
Damage of internal storage space 500.00 - 2000.00 €
Floor damage - rupture, deep floor damage 1000.00 
Missing door stop on rear sliding door 330.00 €


PAYLESS reserves the right to change above prices and fees.


Valid from 25.02.2020